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Support the First Noble Institute by contributing so we can continue our work to entertain, Educate, and inspire an entire culture, which is more significant than us.

Every donation is invested in the First Noble community, where we empower artists, creators, learners, and everyone with a passion for culturally inspired entertainment and self-development.

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First Noble holds cultural ANBI status. ANBI stands for Institution for General Benefit.

As of January 1, 2012, an additional gift deduction applies to donors of cultural ANBIs. Private individuals may deduct 1.25 times the donation amount in their income tax return. Companies subject to corporate tax may deduct 1.5 times the donation amount in their corporate tax return.

As of January 1, 2014, every ANBI must provide insight into several data. This is to be as transparent as possible towards (potential) donors. Below you will find the information required by the tax authorities. If you are interested in becoming a donor of First Noble and would like to receive additional information, please contact the General Manager, Gerald Vreden. This can be done by email:

The name of the institution: First Noble
RSIN: 860584215

Postal address: Prinsengracht 27, 2512 EW The Hague


Registered name: Stichting Mind the generations

Also called: First Noble
RSIN: 860584215
Chamber of Commerce: 76312186
Visiting address: Prinsegracht 27, 2512 EW, the Hague
Bank account number: NL85INGB0007470788

President: M.I. Richardson, BSc (f)
Secretary: J. Snijders, MSc (m)
Treasurer: M.E. Blinker (f)

The goal of First Noble is to provide a platform for development and professionalization, development of talent and cultural entrepreneurship.


The board does his work unremunerated. First Noble follows the Cultural Governance Code which states that remuneration must fit the character of the institution and must comply with legal and social requirements.

Check out this website for information about our objectives and activities.