We inspire.

First Noble Institute is a creative platform where we develop digital artistic content in a technology-based cultural community. We invest in and support non-normative artistic and creative talent.

We are the premier European Institute for World History and Afro Caribbean Art and Culture. 



Provide people with new opportunities where they can grow through culturally inspired art forms and immersive experiences.



By letting people enjoy themselves through creating, playing, investing, learning, and earning using the First Noble community and platform’s knowledge, skills, and experiences.



We Inspire, entertain, and educate people through culturally inspired art forms online and IRL.

What we do

We develop and produce art in its many forms, through which we aim to educate and inspire our community. We achieve this through Literature, 3d Animation, Virtual Reality and Comic productions. Our focus is on Afro-Futurism, but we look past boundaries and love to remix genres.

We are specialized in Digital art, Web3 and we have an inhouse Motion Capturing Studio. 

We are on a mission to bridge the gap for future generations to join the digital revolution and create Afro-Caribbean and new world heritage. Through this we will diversify the media, art and cultural sector in Europe.

What problem are we solving?

The problem
The global shortage of high quality content and productions based on African Caribbean culture and history in the media, art and cultural sector in Europe.

The international community is missing an African narrative and culturally sensitive gaze in media and art productions, as most productions are not created by the community itself.

Our solution
Create productions honoring the rich heritage and pre colonial history of the African diaspora. Thereby inspiring next generations and giving them a new sense of pride.

We shine light on positive role models from an unknown past. Our storytelling is mostly inspired by real events, real African Caribbean heroes, real legends and myths.

We focus on producing untold stories, sharing knowledge and wisdom befitting a cultural and social frame of reference of the Afro European diaspora. 

We call it edutainment.

We inspire an international community to share experiences, knowledge, information and to connect and build together in our institute.

Our solution:
So to keep it short: We Inspire.


This book is a doorway to a universe that you have never seen before. 

Prepare to discover ancient knowledge through an exciting journey into the past and future. Travel back 700.000 years; to a time when people had magic powers, passing planets, finding ancient civilizations, discovering the origin of myths and legends. 

Journey through many dimensions of our own planet to unveil the biggest secrets about humanity.

Learn about the events and history that shaped our reality and the world as we know it today.

Express yourself

First Noble enables people to connect with like-minded people internationally, where they can express themselves and feel heard and appreciated online and in real-life events. 

At First Noble, you can express yourself however you want! We believe that expression is a way of showing your unique identity, and we want you to be your fantastic self in full glory. Our First Noble platform is built for you to feel empowered and to show the world who you truly are.

our values




Equal opportunity



Awards & Accolades

For our pilot project: Shared History of the World (SHOW), First Noble received the Golden C award from Hedwig Verhoeven, Director of the Fund for Cultural Participation. With this prize, the Fund annually presents one of the many supported projects in cultural participation and cultural education in the spotlights. “This project stands out because of its layering and depth and the creative way of dealing with it. The beautiful combination of heritage and technology fits in didactically with the target group’s needs. It is great that we managed to set and achieve these goals.”

A three-member, the independent jury determined the winner:

Khalid Boutachekourt
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Cultural Participation Fund

Mick Jansen
Matchmaker Middelburg/Vlissingen, urban umbrella ​& artist (video/music)

Sharina Gumbs
Initiator of the project Re-fill your cup with authenticity: winner Gouden C 2019

They assessed the projects on innovation, resilience, and inspiration.

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We are based in Europe, The Netherlands, with offices in The Hague, Rotterdam, and Nijmegen. Our headquarters and visiting address are in The Hague. So feel free to reach out, as we are always looking forward to working with innovators, creators, and companies that push the culture forward. 

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