First Noble joins Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM)

First Noble joins Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM)

First Noble joins International Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM)

History in the Making: First Noble Institute has officially joined the BSAM family, marking a historic moment at the first International Black Speculative Writing Festival in London!

Dr. Reynaldo Anderson, of the Black Speculative Arts Movement, unites us to move beyond Eurocentric norms by building community alongside great minds like Dr. Natasha Kelly.

The BSAM movement is a groundbreaking global community for intellectuals, writers, scholars, and creators of more than 12 countries within the field of arts, science and media and focuses on creating an inclusive future.


We’re honored and look forward to representing the Netherlands as part of the BSAM family!


For more about the Black Speculative Arts Movement, check out:


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We are always creating and working on new projects and inniatives. Soon more about.. 

First Noble Project

At First Noble Project, we want to connect like-minded people, but we also want this platform to be a stepping stone to the next level for an artist, creator, creative, learner, writer, and so on, and that’s where the First Noble Project comes in.

Dutch Creative Technology Platform

We are integrating innovative tools like motion capturing and virtual productions to make our unique stories come to life.

Digital Futures

Educating 3D artists, metaverse builders, Virtual Reality creators to come together to pioneer and develop skills to be ready for the web3, metaverse!


We have produced the first edition of an afrofuturistic novel series – HIS STORY OF THE WORLD – L’Histoire du Monde

Live your own legend write your own myth

Crossmedia talent development program for artists and creatives in the field of theatre, literature and multimedia.