An Afro-futuristic virtual reality experience

Step into the world of ‘SANKOFA’, an immersive virtual reality theater experience. Travel through time and space and explore unseen dimensions of the world. This interactive experience challenges you to work together and unravel ancient mysteries in the African civilization of Bagadune.
‘SANKOFA’ is a journey of empowerment and hope, understanding lessons from the past and creating a better future. Complete your “rite of passage” and discover your power and inner potential in this unique virtual reality experience that connects cultural richness and hope.

About the Experience
The experience is based on “HIS STORY OF THE WORLD, The First Creator. ‘SANKOFA’ symbolizes the importance of learning and respecting the lessons and experiences of the past.

Free Prototype experience
Over the past few weeks, First Noble has been working with Theater Utrecht’s Innovation:Lab to develop this immersive experience. The screenings on Dec. 12, 13 and 14 involve a prototype experience. This means that this is not a performance that is completely finished, but rather encourages new insights and further development. For that reason, the experience is free and there will also be room for a before-and-after discussion in which suggestions for possible improvements are welcome!

Small room, still a few seats available, so be quick. VOL = VOL!
Click here for tickets and more information.

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