Creative Technology Studio

Connecting and supporting digital storytellers with masterclasses, educational courses and network events within the mixed workfield of creative technology and literature. 

We are passionate in connecting kindred spirits to come together, work together to create the impossible.

We are integrating innovative tools like motion capturing and virtual productions to make our unique stories come to life.

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Our Locations:
First Noble is proud to call Europe home, with our headquarters situated in The Hague, the Netherlands. While our roots run deep in major Dutch cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Utrecht, our influence and commitment to cultural enrichment knows no bounds, as we extend our reach internationally.

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Whether you're an innovator, creator, or a company pushing cultural boundaries, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at for collaboration opportunities and more.

We are passionate about fostering creativity and cultural evolution. Join us on this journey!

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First Noble
Prinsengracht 27
2512 EW Den Haag
The Netherlands