Projects First Noble Institute

First Noble is a knowledge institute for black history, present and future. Our institute is focused on the artistic & creative talents development and the empowerment of their cultural entrepreneurship. We are organizing projects for the artistic professionals but also for upcoming talents co-creating in productions, combining their skills and make magic happen.

  • Live Your Own Legend, Write Your Own Myth
  • Shared History of the World
  • Dutch Creative Technology platform
  • First Noble Studios

Crossmedia talent development program for artists and creatives in the field of theatre, literature and multimedia. Education in Afro/Caribbean heritage, culture and history next to defining skills in performance art, storytelling, video art, photography, conceptual art within the genre of AFROfuturism.



Shared History of the world focuses on research of Afro/Caribbean history and heritage and the development and co-creation of digital Caribbean archives for short movies and transmedia productions. We are integrating innovative tools like motion capturing and virtual productions to make untold stories and Afro/Caribbean history present.




Connecting and supporting digital storytellers with masterclasses, educational courses and network events within the mixed workfield of creative technology and literature. We are passionate in connecting kindred spirits to come together, work together to create the impossible. 





First Noble Studios is a community based social enterprise engaged in research and development of Mixed Reality, VR and multimedia productions for untold and hidden stories. It is today’s European leading Afrofuturistic transmedia production studio.