Who we are

Africa and the Caribbean are rich in culture and arts diversity. The uniqueness and distinctive cultural diversity combined with our Dutch identity represents our global level.

First Noble Institute is a creative platform engaged in the development of digital content and technology-based research culture. This platform is formed by some known lecturers, researchers, designers, writers, and developers in The Netherlands.

Each of us is active in the field of research related to heritage, performing arts, digital media, design and culture. Our mission is to preserve the heritage and richness of culture through media technology advances, we decided to form First Noble as a digital content developer.

We believe in the future of digital content development. We are engaged in several research of technologies and cultural content development and we are builders of digital archives.

Africa and the Caribbean is rich in creativity, cultural contents, myths, and legends. Our main purpose is to unfold the heritage by research and evolve them into designs next to digital- & printed media content so that it can be part of our worlds cultural heritage.

What we do

First Noble is spearheading a paradigm shift in how young creatives can work with history, creative technology and knowledge.

Digital tools are an extension to tell stories that are not yet being told. We’re moving away from a past that has constrained information and knowledge about ones heritage and history. Moving towards a future of creativity, truth and abundance where knowledge and information about our shared history and our beloved planet is accessible.

With First Noble we are setting our ideas free in art, literature, video art, visual design, music and theatre with interactive, experiences, live performance, VR and transmedia productions.

With our foundation into community arts and organizations of large-scale festivals & events. More creatives gaining access to our platforms every day, the future of First Noble is limitless.