Coming up! Shared History of the World

Hi Family,

We will start next month with a new project “Shared History of the World”. It is a project focused on our own heritage where we will explore our history and our orally handed down stories.

We will dive into digital archives and we will talk to researchers and well known people from our scene who have knowledge of our history and heritage. In this project we will discover our own roots together with the goal of making short films. We do this with Creative Technology techniques such as motion capturing, animation and digital production that are also used in well-known film productions.

We noticed that many members of our First Noble Family are full of questions about our own history, heritage and identity such as: Who am I actually? How did my ancestors live before colonial times? What were their names before the slave owners renamed them? From which countries do I originate from? Did the African ancestors also engage in the slave trade? Was there Slavery in West and East Africa too? Was Africa booming economically before colonial times and did they trade with the Netherlands?

The answers to these questions are often so diverse in the current media that no insight is given into facts. For this reason, we are going to explore this with members of our own community. These answers determine the way we shape our identity and that of our community. We find it important, especially now in this time, that our history can be retold. However, this time by ourselves!

Registry is open to join us in our Shared History of the World! Fill in our contact form at this website.

Special thanks to our partner Fonds Cultuurparticipatie to make this project happen! Shared History of the World is supported by The Cultural Participation Fund. The Cultural Participation Fund aims to encourage and increase participation in the arts and culture.